Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How to make an origami crow (step by step)

Start with a square base (below). 
Fold the corners inwards as shown in the next two photos, then unfold.  This is to create crease marks.

Now begin the petal fold.  Lift the bottom corner upwards, and fold along the crease lines as shown and flatten to form a triangle.. 

Your bird base is now half-done. 
Flip the piece over, then fold in the three corners on the backside, to make crease marks. 
Now lift the bottom corner and do another petal fold. 

Now your bird base is complete!

Start with an origami bird base. Fold the bottom points of the base up to meet the left and right corners.

Re-fold those two (2) points as shown. Now fold the upper flap downwards.

Then fold the piece in half lengthwise, so the crow's feet are on the inside. Next do an inside reverse fold to form the head and beak.

Origami Inside Reverse Fold
Origami Inside Reverse Fold Step 1: OK, we want to make an inside reverse fold on the corner shown. First make a mountain fold at the line shown below, on one side of the paper only.

Origami Inside Reverse Fold Step 2: Flip the paper over and we'll make another mountain fold.
Origami Inside Reverse Fold Step 3: Flip the paper over again. Open the paper slightly and push the corner tip in between the 2 sides of paper. Crease the 2 mountain folds you made and bring the 2 sides of paper together. And you've your origami inside reverse fold.

Now your origami crow is complete! It can easily be perched on the edge of a table (or book, etc.) as shown.


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