Sunday, 16 October 2011


Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.
One day a crow stole a piece of cheese. She flew to a (1) ______________________ tree with the cheese as she thought that it would be a (2) ________________ place to eat. A fox (3) ______________the crow and the cheese. He (4) __________________ to himself that the cheese would be delicious to eat. With this in mind, he devised a plan to get the cheese from the crow. The fox (5)___________ to the crow, “You are (6)_______________. I have never before set eyes upon such a (7)_____________  coat and sparkling eyes!” The (8)____________ was very pleased. The fox then said to the crow, “Since you look so magnificent I’m sure that your voice would also be of the same quality!” The flattery certainly (9)___________ the crow feel very happy. In fact, it made her want to demonstrate to the fox how (10)__________________  her voice was. She opened up her (11)____________ wide and the cheese fell to the(12) _______________. (13)_____________________ the fox ran towards the cheese and picked it up. To the crow he said, “You may sing like an (14)_________________ and look wonderful, however, you are not (15) ___________ clever!” With that, the fox (16)________________ away. The crow thought to herself that next time she would not be so easily (17)______________.

Moral: Beware of flatterers. They are not to be trusted.

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